The trend is always up as far as our growth is concerned. However, some still fail to reach the heights they are destined to. This is because, they fill themselves up with Negativity and remorse and this counters the god gifted positivity and enthusiasm to do things. Its a fact of life that negativity is far more dominating than positivity and hence this limits the growth of the individual. This is precisely why I say that if one has genuine winning attitude, rest of things automatically fall in place. In either case I will be long only if Nifty on a closing basis closes above 5880.

No. of trading days which end up in profit is high but the losing days eat up all my profit. Do not underestimate the power of money management. Invest time in researching about when is the right time to increase or decrease your position size. Eventually this is going to set you apart from the crowd.

  • Even if I am into 4-6 trades, and each of them violates SL on intra day basis, I stick to my rules.
  • However, the Fibonacci retracement levels basically help traders in identifying and trading off support/resistance levels.
  • Hence, let me give you a framework based on EW so that it becomes easier for you to use it in your trading.
  • The amount of inherent risk remains as the volatility is high, but the proportionate returns also stand to be made in this time.
  • Thanks for recommending the book by John Carter.

Let’s say you have the top 2 items working perfectly. It is the part that even the most seasoned traders have to deal with. It is the mental part of trading.It has 2 basic parts of it and that is in controlling fear and greed.

Many of them stand at a juncture from where they could see significant amount of appreciation. Hence, take some risk and invest in good companies. Also you may see some shakeouts in the trading range. The SM would temporarily drive down the prices below the support line in order to takeout the stop losses and panic the weak hands into selling. You will see the stock bounces back above the support line immediately. By this process the SM is shaking out the weak money from the stock.

Then we had a downside post 1330 hrs and if the trade was held till EOD would have resulted in loss. This trade looked fine as long as we are above that support of 5500, below which this trade would have been in trouble. In the interim – at around 1 pm, we would have been around 5500 and trending down. Risk – around 30 pts till UL is below 5690 or so. Beyond 5690, risk would exponentially shoot up. That is in theory – you should be able to close out the position much before that.

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In conclusion, things remain good for the Economy, but the problem of “Pace” of Currency appreciation and Inflation needs to be addressed. Assuming that liquidity flows will not affect the Currencies and Commodities adversely is wrong. Hence, while we should trade in the direction of trend, we should also be aware of the stark realities.

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This is particularly useful for novice traders who want to develop their own trading style. Currently this auto buy sell signal software has embedded more than 135 strategies with a plan to include more in the coming time. Apana Wealth was founded in 2015 and since then have been providing expert consultation related to stock investment and financial trading. The automatic buy sell signal software was developed by certified and experienced personnel. The buy sell signal software for efficient trade execution supports interactive dividends, earnings and splits along with detailed charts highlighting the key financial data. The software must send proper buy and sell signal indicators to the investor so that he/she doesn’t miss out on any stock trading opportunity.

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No matter who says what, I will do what my analysis asks me to do. In the end, if I am wrong, I am wrong and I am ready to bear the consequences. I have taken retrace levels in two different time frames. Now you can see that at four places the retrace levels are matching. I am sure that if you again take retrace level of an other time frame you may get at least one or two places where you find that retrace level of all three time frames match.

But hats off to you guys, I feel motivated to ride the untamed horse and conquer my fear of falling off . I realise that my aim is not to tame the horse – rather, know the horse, tame myself and profit from the exercise . Historical Volatility is a measure of price fluctuation over time. It uses historical price data to empirically measure the volatility of a market or instrument in the past. In other words, it is also known as statistical volatility, which is also the standard deviation of day to day price change expressed as annual percentage.

Lows – I have marked important Swing lows on the counter (A – E). From points A-D, Hindalco has never broken a major Swing low on EOD basis. This tells us that the stock is in an uptrend. It is only in this recent correction has the Stock broken below its Swing low .

One way is to reduce quantity of stock/value you used to trade earlier. Hence you should restart with your fresh funds without leveraging. Try it with your favourite stock or one/two large cap Index based stocks. By not levarging you will know if you have adapted the changes you planned and can evaluate the results. The fundamental law governing all markets, in any time frame, (intraday(1min-240min) or EOD is Supply and Demand. Also, If you see, I rarely short stocks/index.

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You seem to be too bothered with this trade. Look dear, world is not going to end on Monday. Luckily the global environment is not that supportive, and hence whatever upomove will happen in tata steel will be subdued in comparison to if markets were extremely strong. Stock will still gap up, but the quantum will be comparatively less. If there is more negative news from China on Monday, then gap up would be largely subdued. Im basically a day trader, just trying to get a hang of swing trades.

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Also to some extent there is a hope that a trader feels that now he has a good experience of the market, has got hold of a system which suits his personality and things are working for him. And this hope creates an illusion that what is lost can be recovered and money can be made from the market. Mechanical vrs discretionary methods is a big debate. Both methods needs well defined entry / exit / SL / direction. The same method gives different results when the number of lots traded increases.

There are many who can read a lot of things, but there are few who can apply it. If you want to be in the latter category, then you will have to work, work and work towards it. Its not about keeping a secret from you guys.

I can hope some of you have now guessed why I use the equal sizing technique. If not, then the answer lies in the fact that it features in both the volatile and non volatile environment. I trade with Equal bets and I At What Age Should I Be Debt Free just like the trade off between what this technique has to offer in Profits and what it has to take in Losses. On a broader note though, I can suggest one position sizing framework for those who are more adventurous.

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Though risks are an intricate part of trading, it is usually well defined with peaks and troughs at certain points, where hedging is indicated. I find it worthwhile to lead a neutral life, make money by trading part time and still feel complete by being just another man going out to work every day morning. I being one of them a few years ago, when redefined my objective of NOT wanting to leave my job and doing only part time trading, I could see U turn, both at trading and at work.

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When the other day Raunak Bhai said TA has it’s own limitation I didn’t realize. Initially I had the opinion there is no Holy grail.In the middle again got confused and started believing that there is holy grail and people are not sharing. Now, since the legend is clear, we will come back to Sterlite chart. In my opinion, this stock should never have been bought in the first case.

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Anyone who is an expert in designing AFL’s can modify this AFL and post it here. Typical modifications would include, telling the trader whether the position is on Buy, Buy hold, when to add the next lot and when to exit the lot etc. Similar to some thing what Anant has done for his positional system. 2) System testing is itself a different ball game. Less than 5% of actual traders know how to test systems. It is not as simple as what Metastock/Amibroker dishes out.

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